BTH Equestrian Enterprises seeks to offer a positive progression for horse and rider from the ground up.

BTH Equestrian Enterprises is located in Shingle Springs, California and based out of Opportunity Acres. We offer training and lessons to horses and riders of all levels. From developing young horses, to preparing horses for competition in hunters, equitation, show jumping and eventing, to seasoned show horses ready to compete on the circuit. Our lesson program is the only USHJA Certified Riding Academy in Northern California and focuses on creating well- rounded equestrians with an emphasis on horsemanship, promoting safety and developing a proper foundation in equitation. Trainer Brittany Massey successfully competes on the rated circuits and regularly trains with Bernie Traurig, and clinics with renowned horseman such as Buck Brannaman, Jimmy Wofford, and George Morris. The goal of the BTH program is to develop happy, relaxed horses who understand and enjoy their jobs while teaching their riders and handlers how to best communicate through effective aids, proper equitation, and good timing.

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