Time to Reflect

With the seasons changing and weather cooling down considerably its time to reflect on our horses both mentally and physically. As the fall and winter approach the horses often feel fresh and happy in the cool temperatures, remember this is not them being unruly, simply their way of expressing how happy they are. If you think your horse is a little frisky before a ride let them play in the round pen for a few minutes or do some quality halter work to really center them and remind them that its time to work. If you think you might miss a hack day ask to have your horse worked, BTH has a fabulous Equiband system to help with fitness and muscle tone and all BTH staff members are happy to help keep your horse working if you’re unable to make it out. Give the horses the benefit of the doubt as the seasons change, give them ample warm up on cold mornings, allow them to cool down completely after a ride or work, and always be aware of their mental and emotional state as you start their work.