Home away from home

Kim & Madalin Greco

My daughter and I have been clients of BTH Equestrians since 2010, so for over 11 years. There are many things we appreciate about being part of Brittany’s program. First of all, she always puts the welfare of the horses and safety first, her clients are a close second. She treats everyone like family, but also manages the atmosphere of the barn and doesn’t allow any gossip type drama among the kids or the adults! At BTH it’s all about team work and being the best we can be through hard work and dedication to the sport. She is one of the best role models I could have dreamed of for my daughter.

Brittany is the most honest and trustworthy person I know. I have seen it proven time and again over the years by her dealings with my family and others. I truly believe she always does the right thing and never puts financial gain ahead of what is best for her clients or their horses.

We feel lucky to have found her program and to have been part of it for so long. At BTH the barn really is your home away from home.

Focuses on the horses needs & blends in the rider’s goals

Michelle Klaff

My daughter and I have been part of the BTH program, under the direction of trainer Brittany Massey, for over 6 years. We have trusted Brittany with the care of our four horses, all with unique temperaments and needs. Brittany has also trained my daughter through local and national competitions. She helped my daughter accentuate her abilities and strengthen her weaknesses through individual instruction, hosted clinics and USHJ programs. I have experienced that many trainers say they put the horses needs first, but most rarely do. Brittany has developed a training program that focuses on the horses needs, while blending in the rider’s competitive goals. Her strong emphasis on ground work helps the horse and rider teams develop a relationship that carries over to the competitive ring. I’ve witnessed that her program also adapts well to riders of all levels. I would highly recommend the BTH program and Brittany Massey to riders looking to start riding or to further their competitive endeavors.

BTH Equestrians
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