Starting the Season Off Right

When we plan our show season here at BTH Equestrians our riders are asked to set their goals high, that way if we get close we are happy and if we reach them we are thrilled! In saying this we also strongly encourage a growth mindset which means plans can change and we adapt, horses get hurt, families change plans, students hit learning walls and then reassessment has to be the goal. When you reach for the moon and land amongst the stars you should be happy right? What if you never leave the stratosphere though? As we start off this season I want to encourage everyone to start their season off RIGHT which means having goals, having an action plan, but also having a real conversation with yourself about those goals, about the action plan and about what may change or come up that could derail the original track and how you would deal with these changes. In doing this mental preparation one can alleviate the stress that comes from unexpected changes! Starting your season off right doesn’t necessarily mean you start with big wins or head to big shows, what it means is that you are preparing both mentally and physically for the competitions ahead and that your mental growth includes a flexible mind and controlled emotions. When faced with hardship in sports its the truly mentally and emotionally fit that rise to the top. Start your season off right with positive self talk, understanding what you can and can’t control, and encouraging yourself and others to become relaxed and flexible in this years equestrian endeavors.