Spring Shows

As the spring is now upon us and we are enjoying longer days and lovely weather the BTH crew has been able to show at two of our local venues with lots of success! Leone Equestrians is one of our favorite places to start the spring season with 11 horses in attendance we had a LOT of fun, tons of great rides and even more ribbons. Leone was also a first show for some of our little riders including our 4yo lead liner. As we moved through April and some spring showers put a damper on a couple of shows we ventured out to Brookside in nearly perfect weather for Premier II with just 3 showing horses we brought home two division championships, a top ten Disneyland Derby placing and found our beloved San Rafello the perfect new home as well as welcomed the Klaffs new horse Scarlett- what a week! As we look ahead to the end of April and into May we are excited for another Leone show, demo riding at Western States Horse Expo and 2 weeks of showing at Murieta Equestrian Center:)! Check out our calendar and clinic schedule for the summer months; a lot of wonderful educational opportunities are on the horizon!!!