Northern Winter Classics I and II Wrap Up

As we move forward into the new year and new show season I have been reflecting on what we learned from the end of last year and how the BTH horses and riders have improved over the winter. Three of our horses attended each week and the horse and rider teams braved the elements to show in less than ideal conditions. Thankfully Murieta Equestrian Center has a plethora of indoor arenas and the warm ups and show arenas were well managed to prevent over crowding. I was so pleased with how each horse settled into the rhythm of a new show season and kept their minds settled despite freezing temperatures and blowing wind and rain! The work in our covered round pen at home has helped the horses develop positive responses in the wind and rain. Each rider also worked hard to improve as the weeks progressed. The riders took on new challenges and even allowed themselves to adjust divisions to ensure the most positive learning environment for themselves and their horses. I was so proud of them for being true horsewomen and keeping their egos in check in order to help their horses have calm and successful trips. Riders were rewarded with some of their best rounds to date, a move up into new divisions, excellent results in their derbies and divisions, relaxation from their horses in way we had not seen last season, and above all sound, peaceful  and willing horses that were happy to come out each day and do their jobs. I would like to thank the families who support these riders, the parents who drive to and from the show, shlep tack, shine boots and keep us all fed, the grooms for keeping our horses beautiful despite the mud and rain, the show staff and ring crew for running a smooth show and of course our incredible horses for doing this crazy thing we call horse showing!!!